Flics Cafe

Welcome to Flic’s website. On this site, we will provide you with information on the Gorgeous food that we will serve you when you visit one of our cafes. We currectly have two cafes. One is Flic’s café in Knowl Hill, formerly known as the Squaredeal Café.

The other café is Flic’s Café in Maidenhead, also formerly known as Daves Café Place.

We urge you to visit us and enjoy RESTAURANT QUALITY FOOD AT CAFE PRICES. In addition, all our food is home cooked and is freshly prepared whilst you wait. However, you won’t wait long as our chefs are used to cooking good food and quickly.

The unmissable front of Bridge Street CafeBridge St Cafe front

This Café was rebranded Flics’s Cafe from Dave’s Cafe place as a way forward and to bring to attention of the public the new management and management ideas. Flic’s Cafe staff follow the motto that the customer is first and should be served the best value meals and quality food second to none.

Knowl Hill Cafe - Close Up

The same rebranding exercise was done at Flic’s Cafe in Knowl Hill. It was rebranded from the Square deal. The food served in Flic’s Cafes has become the talk of the town and the cafe was featured on Radio as well as on TV. The customers find the atmosphere very friendly, fresh and clean and the food well presented and appetising.