Flic’s Café – Knowl Hill

This café is located alongside the A4 in the village of Knowl Hill. Keep an eye out for it when driving through Knowl Hill. You cannot miss it. Even our neighbourly villagers now make it a point of having a meal at least once a day if not more often. For you truckers, if you are tired and hungry, come and have a rest and a hearty meal. For the family, we cater for every one

Spot our Knowl Hill café from the road. You cannot miss it with its bright, warm, inviting and exciting colours.
Knowl Hill Cafe - Close Up

Knowl Hill Cafe - Looking towards the counter
The bright colours continue inside the café making it feel like home away from home. Order your meal and a drink and settle down to eat.

There is a lot of room even for larger families
Knowl Hill Cafe - Rest of the Cafe

Knowl Hill Cafe - Looking Towards the Entance
This café is decorated in such a way as to make you feel at home. Come in, you will never want to leave. But then, there is plenty of time for you to come back for a visit over and over again